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Hong Kong Halloween Treats

Costume parties, festive entertainment, Halloween drinks and foods, and a unique blend of Western and Eastern cultures makes Hong Kong the Halloween party capital of Asia. So next October, grab your disguise, get on yer broom and head to Asia’s world city for a howling good time!

October 2014 (exact date to be confirmed)

Crumbling walled villages, creaky Victorian mansions and thousands of years of folklore populated with ghosts, ghouls and demons are not the only reason Hong Kong makes a good setting for a Halloween party. The city’s unique history as a place where East meets West means that European festivals, including All Hallows’ Eve, are deeply entrenched in its cultural fabric.

The local affection for costumes and parties has ensured Halloween in particular has a permanent home in Asia's world city. Hong Kong is a fast-paced and hard-working society that demands a lot of its population, so naturally, we relish the chance to put on a disguise, let our hair down and have a howling good time once in a while. We are only human, after all. Or are we?

This annual outbreak of mad masquerading, complete with fancy dress parties, themed shopping malls and festive foods is known as Hong Kong Halloween Treats, and you can click above for a guide to what will be happening in town.

 Did you know?

Nowadays, the celebration of Halloween in Hong Kong mostly involves putting on a disguise and hitting the town. In fact, the city has earned a reputation as the Halloween party capital of Asia. Unsurprisingly, this custom seems to have started in Lan Kwai Fong - one of Hong Kong’s best-known nightlife spots. Sometime in the early 1990s, bars in the area began throwing Halloween parties and revellers started turning up in costumes.

From there, Halloween party fever quickly spread across the city and these days you can find all sorts of Halloween events taking place, from the blockbuster parties of the city’s theme parks, to the raucous celebrations in nightlife districts, including Lan Kwai Fong, where it all began.


From fiendishly raucous Halloween street parties to elaborate theme park celebrations, there is festive fun for everyone in Hong Kong.

Disney’s Haunted Halloween

Hong Kong Disneyland's Halloween celebrations are unique as this is the only park to really show you the darker side of Disney characters, whether you roam the ghost town of Main Street USA, dance with the damned or cheer on the parade – true to form, Disneyland ensures there are lots of thrills for the whole family in October.


Madame Tussauds Hong Kong

The home of Madame Tussauds in Hong Kong puts on a spine-chilling show every Halloween, treating visitors to The Peak with some festive frights and fun.


Ocean Park's Halloween Bash

Prepared to get thoroughly spooked at Ocean Park at Halloween, where live performers literally jump out of the woodwork amid meticulously designed sound and visual effects. This is also one of the only parties where you’ll see characters from both Eastern and Western horror stories intermingling – a true Hong Kong Halloween.


Lan Kwai Fong Halloween Street Party

October, when the city is consumed by Halloween fever, is the perfect month for Hong Kong to engage in one of its favourite pastimes -- downing tools, putting aside the usual etiquette and de-stressing at a good old knees-up. One of the most legendary Halloween parties in town is the carnival of freaks and frolics that descends on Hong Kong’s party centre Lan Kwai Fong. Head here for some scarily fun times.


No matter where you find yourself in Hong Kong during Halloween, you won’t be able to escape the festive atmosphere. Across the city, shopping malls go to town with holiday decorations, installations, performances and events; and restaurants and bars offer special Halloween menus of festive fare. Just get here and you will be in a Halloween mood in no time.