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Hong Kong Chinese New Year

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014

Hong Kong Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014

Chinese New Year is without a doubt the biggest (and most-adored) festival of the lunar calendar, with 15-days packed full of age-old traditions, cultural festivities and family celebrations! Starting on the first day of the new year and right up until the Spring Lantern Festival, locals flock to aromatic temples to pray for good fortune, fill themselves with auspicious foods and string up shock-red lanterns.

So whether you’re cheering at the Night Parade, squeezing into festive flower markets, gasping at breathtaking pyrotechnics or betting on the horse races, your Chinese New Year in Hong Kong will be unlike any other.

Stay tuned for details of next year’s celebrations!

February 2015 (Exact date to be announced)
Holiday business hours:
Most government offices, banks and public utilities will be closed for the Chinese New Year public holidays in Hong Kong. However, most shops and restaurants in the busiest districts will remain open. Some shopping malls may even extend their service hours. Major attractions, theme parks and public transport will operate as usual. Street markets and stalls will usually close on the first and second day of the Chinese New Year (19 – 20 February) and resume business from the third day (21 February).

Every year, tens of thousands line the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui to witness the International Chinese New Year Night Parade – a spectacle of dazzling performers from home and abroad that turns the whole harbour-front area into a giant outdoor street party. This is where the world comes to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

2014 Parade

In 2014, the Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade welcomed the Year of the Horse with the theme New Year Party @ World City. Around 150,000 people packed the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui for the 19th annual parade, and many more got to see the floats and performances up close in Lam Tsuen, where they were showcased for the rest of the Chinese New Year festival.

Check out the photos and highlights below.

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2015 Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade

19 February 2015 (Chinese New Year’s Day)

Despite its utterly modern world city status, Hong Kong is deeply traditional. And preparing for and celebrating Chinese New Year is especially rich with ancient rituals and customs. The below is your guide to understanding (and perhaps joining in) these timeless traditions.

• Colourful and aromatic New Year shopping
• Seeking Good Fortune
• Auspicious foods
• The 15 days of Chinese New Year