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Visa Information

Indian nationals continue to enjoy 14-day visa-free visit to Hong Kong after successfully completing Pre-arrival Registration (PAR) online. Application for PAR is easy, convenient and free-of-charge. After inputting the required information, the computer system will process the registration automatically and the result will be made known to the registrant instantly. During the period of validity of the registration (six months), successful registrants may visit Hong Kong for multiple journeys, each for a stay of 14 days, by presenting the printout of the PAR notification slip (which the registrants may print immediately upon completion of the registration process) and the same Indian passport used for the registration.

For details of PAR, please click here.
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To better plan for your visit to Hong Kong, you are advised to apply for PAR early (4 to 6 weeks in advance). If your PAR application is not successful, or if you intend to visit Hong Kong for more than 14 days, you may apply for a visa with the Hong Kong Immigration Department direct. Chinese diplomatic and consular missions will not accept visit visa applications from Indian nationals. To facilitate smooth processing of your visa application, you should provide all requested information in one go. Other relevant information, e.g. itinerary, reference letter from sponsor(s) in Hong Kong (if any), details of family members travelling with you together (if any) and their PAR registration results (if any), etc. may also be provided together with your visa application for more expeditious processing.

For assistance and further information on PAR (or on your visa application), please contact the Hong Kong Immigration Department:
Email: ind_par@immd.gov.hk
Webpage: www.immd.gov.hk
Phone: (852) 2824 6111