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Time OutBy Time Out Hong Kong (25 April 2012)

Cybertecture Mirror

Hongkonger James Law has developed the first digital mirror that’s stacked with speakers, WiFi, waterproofing and fog resistant glass. Think of it as a big smartphone with a few added bonuses. It can download and run apps, can be controlled from your mobile device or computer, perform health checks, provide make-up lighting and even run as a perfectly normal mirror (the wonders of the tech age!). The Mirror can be installed on any wall that can fit its dimensions of 81cm x 50cm. HK$45,000, from

Byron Tseng

Archos ChildPad

GadgetsKids like to break stuff. Anything of value really – and that includes your smartpad. That’s where the ChildPad comes in. This seven-inch android-powered tablet is specially designed for the shocks and horrors young’uns throw up. It’s armed with a liquid-resistant screen, plastic finishing and a rubbery back to help with gripping as well as the usual camera, video and music options. What’s more – it’s almost HK$4,000 cheaper than an iPhone. HK$1,120, from


This app can help you zero in on the right doctor. Provided you have already half-guessed your medical problem, simply select a specialist out of the 40 available choices and then insert your desired location before choosing your insurance preference. Finddoc then displays a selection of practices on Google Map. This groundbreaking app can help save you valulable time in finding the right cure for your ailment. Free on Google Play.

Nerd Alert: Medical specialist practices displayed on a map.

Instant Heart Rate

If your phone has a camera flash, then this app can help to monitor your heart function. It works by monitoring the light passing through your finger and all you have to do is to switch the app on and place your index finger firmly on the light. Press hard in order to avoid any stray light rays from interfering with the reading. Your pulse will then be measured for 10 seconds. Over time, the app tabulates your heart’s health, helping you keep track of your most precious asset. Free on iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Nerd Alert: Measures your heart rate using the flash on your phone.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

You’ve had your eight hours last night but you’re wondering why you are still groggy and tired during the day. Chances are you’re getting disturbed in your deep sleep cycle. This app is dedicated to making you wake up during your light sleep periods, making it less likely for you to become an angry grouch on stirring. You set the app a designated 30-minute waking period, and then it works out the rest. Sweet dreams! Free on the iTunes store.

Nerd Alert: An alarm that wakes you up during the light sleep period, ensuring a good night’s sleep.

Henge Docks

GadgetsThe Henge Docks is like an iPod dock for your Macbook. Connect your computer up and then watch the connectivity flow. You can transport your information to a work desktop or watch a movie by linking the Henge with a home theatre system. Prices vary for different laptop models, from HK$480 to HK$600.

Nerd Alert: A simple and handsome looking docking device that integrates a Macbook with your home.


Named after the Italian astronomer, this device allows you to keep in touch with your friends by video chatting with an actual ‘twist’. It’s essentially a docking station for your iPhone, which tilts and pans to allow your phone to move in any direction. The Galileo can be controlled remotely by another Apple device, meaning you can pan and rotate from wherever you want – even on the other end of the line. Available in June. HK$1,040, from

Nerd Alert: A cool rotating iPhone dock for video chat with a remote control function.

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