Chinese Tea Appreciation Class

A Chinese tea cup may look small, but it holds a great deal more than tea and water. As you listen to our tea experts, you might believe you are sipping the distillation of thousands of years of Chinese culture. You will learn about tea and the intricate rituals involved in drinking it.

Start your journey into the world of tea at a cosy teahouse called Lock Cha (樂茶), which translates as ‘a pleasure of tea ’. Next to the teahouse in Hong Kong Park you will find the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, where a collection of rare teapots are on display.

Through this class, the teacher of the teahouse will introduce you to the many varieties of tea, its proper preparation and tea-drinking etiquette. You will see for yourself why the ancient saying holds true: ‘Life is like tea. The longer it steeps, the richer it becomes.’


  • Visitors must register in advance.
  • Class organised by Lock Cha Tea Shop.
  • Disability friendly.


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