Lamma Island Romance Tour

Sail on the Rainbow Star catamaran for a romantic sunset cruise to Lamma Island, [Link to Great Outdoors, Outlying Islands, Lamma island] the third largest island in Hong Kong. You will visit the Lamma Fisherfolk's Village [Link to Great Outdoors, Outlying Islands, Lamma island, Lamma Fisherfolk's Village]to learn all about Hong Kong's marine fish culture and fishing industry. Then you will enjoy a sumptuous Chinese seafood dinner, including Best of the Best Culinary Awards award-winning dishes at a delightful waterfront restaurant. [Link to Best of the Best Culinary Awards in Drink and Dine, Dining Events and Awards]

After dinner, re-board the catamaran to return to Victoria Harbour where you will watch A Symphony of Lights, the world's largest permanent light and sound show. Back on land, the tour takes you to the shopping streets of Mong Kok. [Link to A Symphony of Lights in Highlight Attractions, Harbour Views]The latest audio-visual, electronic and telecommunications products can be found on Sai Yeung Choi Street South, which also hosts numerous cosmetics shops and boutiques. Round the corner on Tung Choi Street is the hugely popular Ladies' Market, [Link to Ladies Market in Shop] where you can find bargain-priced clothing, accessories and household knick-knacks, and men's and children's items. ‘Sneakers Street’ [Link to Sneakers Street in Shop] on Fa Yuen Street is where you can find trendy sports footwear, sportswear and sports equipment.

Lamma Island and Kowloon

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