Northeast New Territories Geopark Tour

Northeast New Territories Geopark Tour

The Northeast New Territories is a hidden treasure of Hong Kong that can be accessed only by sea. This 3,000-hectare region is part of the "Hong Kong Global Geopark of China and represents the most comprehensive stratigraphy of sedimentary rocks in Hong Kong, ranging from 400-million-year-old Devonian sandstone and conglomerate of 55-million-year-old tertiary siltstone. The area is also rich in landforms resulting from different erosional processes. Taking a Geopark tour to discover all its charm by way of a leisurely and scenic boat trip with fascinating shore excursions.

Setting out from Sha Tin, your tour boat heads east across Tolo Harbour and through a narrow waterway to Yan Chau Tong Marine Park (Double Haven). You will be treated to beautiful vistas of verdant hills in all directions, uninhabited islands, calm waters and peaceful bays, rocky headlands and cliffs along unspoilt coastline - an area proudly proclaimed as the Shangri-la of Hong Kong.

A stop at Lai Chi Wo, an island featuring a Hakka walled village, where you will follow a nature trail lined with century-old trees whose long scrambling branches twine and coil along the ground - an incredible natural wonder to be found so close to urban Hong Kong. Reboard the boat and proceed to Ap Chau, meaning “Duck Island”. It is a remote and small island located in the Starling Inlet in the northeast of Hong Kong. Ap Chau and neighbouring Crooked Island are the two places in Hong Kong where breccia is found in large scale. You will see a diverse range of wavecut landforms including sea cliff, wave-cut platform, wavecut notch, sea arch and sea stack. The tour ends with a scenic boat trip back to Sha Tin.

Some tours also offer a traditional Hakka lunch for tour participants at the quaint Kat O Island.

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