Kowloon Markets Walk

Kowloon Markets Walk

This guided walk brings you face-to-face with the living culture of Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok, where life for many is lived at street level. The tour begins at the Jade Market, where around 400 stall owners sell jewellery, trinkets and accessories fashioned from the much-loved green stone. Then, visit the nearby Tin Hau Temple complex to check out local senior citizens playing Chinese chess under the shade of the old banyan trees. After that, join the throng at the Ladies’ Market where bargain clothes, beauty products and knick knacks await. The journey then continues to the Flower Market, which is the aromatic centre of Hong Kong's wholesale and retail flower trade. Finally, treat yourself to some of nature’s most beautiful songs at the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden, an attractive Chinese courtyard garden that houses bird sellers and their songbirds.

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