The Land Between Tour (Half Day/Full Day)

Land Between Tour, The  (Half Day/Full Day)

The New Territories, which stretch between the outer hills of Kowloon and Hong Kong’s boundary with Mainland China, are a diverse part of Asia’s world city that are mostly rural and sometimes urban. Well described as ‘the land between’, they’re a scenic fusion of traditional customs and modern trends, of natural wonders and man-made achievements.

This tour visits the Yuen Yuen Institute, a large monastery complex that hosts Hong Kong’s three predominant local religions: Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. It then moves out into the countryside, heading upwards to enjoy the panoramic views of Tai Mo Shan – Hong Kong's highest peak. Over the mountain lurks a lush valley of orchards and vegetable farms.

You'll then visit a Hakka walled village in Fanling, which houses an old defensive wall complete with gun turrets and a family ancestral hall where ancestor worship is still practised today. Hakkas are true native peoples of Hong Kong, having preserved their culture here after leaving their homelands in northern China to head south some 2,000 years ago. Their fortress-like village enclaves were once considered havens of peace after a hard day's work out in the fields. From here, the tour heads to Luk Keng Road, which runs parallel with the coastline of Mainland China across the bay. Make sure you keep an eye out for the bird sanctuary. There is also a pit stop at a fish-farming zone at Sam Mun Tsai.

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