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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt

By Weekend Weekly

The warren of streets and alleys packed full of stores and markets in Central make it a great area for treasure hunters. Start off on Upper Lascar Row, where you will see a fascinating mix of antiques and Chinese calligraphy dealers. Walk uphill to reach Tai Ping Shan Street and the PoHo area — a young and vibrant community of businesses formed by creative minds and the style-savvy. Wrap up your stroll around the Bridges Street area — a melting pot of old and new, with second-hand books and knickknacks that feed your imagination about the city’s past.

Treasure Hunt in Old Town Central

Alexis Holm

Hong Kong-based Swedish designer Alexis Holm founded the creative workshop and store ‘squarestreet’ in 2009. The shop’s minimalist Scandinavian style blends in well with the mellow vibe of the PoHo area.

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Upper Lascar Row
Upper Lascar Row

The highlight of Upper Lascar Row is the seemingly endless row of antique stores, offering an eclectic collection of Chinese calligraphy, arts and vintage furniture. This runs parallel to stalls that sell an array of bric-à-brac collectibles, such as Mao Zedong alarm clocks and Bruce Lee posters. In recent years, local designer boutiques and vintage clothing stores have popped up nearby.

Like its offerings, the name of the street is also rich in history. In the early colonial days, ‘Lascar’ was a term used to refer to South Asians in the British military. Many Lascars came to Hong Kong to work in the police force and a small community of South Asians grew around what is now Upper Lascar Row, which was near the police headquarters.

Hipster 9
Hipster 9

Hipster 9 is a vintage fashion store which started out on Hollywood Road among elderly hawkers.

With unique designs and a European vintage store vibe, it is home to a vast collection of designer bags, brass jewellery from the 1950s, vintage leather jackets and more to intrigue even the most discerning of customers.

Address: G/F, Block A, D Part Building, 140 Wellington Street, Central
Tel: +852 2310 0688

Blue-clad vintage store is found on Tai Ping Shan Street, the backbone of PoHo, a bohemian neighbourhood of galleries, teahouses and design studios. It houses an international collection of vintage goods, ranging from decanters to film posters, and from vinyl to lapel pins. The store is also home to a selection of local designer products. 

Address: 6B Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan
Tel: +852 6097 1817
Château Zoobeetle
L'impression du temps
Nordic Room by Homeless
You Wu Studio x JikSap
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This is one of five self-guided walks in Old Town Central, Hong Kong’s most quintessential neighbourhood. Be sure to check out the others here.

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