Hong Kong Wetland Park and Tsim Bei Tsui

Hong Kong Wetland Park and Tsim Bei Tsui

map Get a close encounter with Hong Kong’s rich biodiversity at the city’s world-class wetland-themed park, then explore coastal Deep Bay — the focal area of natural wetlands in Hong Kong. You’ll be treated to scenes of lush mangroves, vast mudflats and soaring waterbirds!

Starting point — Hong Kong Wetland Park
Hong Kong Wetland Park

Opened in 2006, Hong Kong Wetland Park lies next door to the Mai Po Inner Deep Bay Ramsar Site. This world-class ecotourism facility is the perfect hideaway for a relaxing encounter with Hong Kong wetland ecology.

Hong Kong Wetland Park

You can browse the indoor themed exhibitions about wetland biodiversity, civilisation and conservation, watch birds from hides, and stroll along the outdoor educational walks and boardwalks to get to know dragonflies, butterflies, amphibians and even fish.

Tsim Bei Tsui / Deep Bay Road
Tsim Bei Tsui / Deep Bay Road

Take a taxi to the lay-by at Tsim Bei Tsui. Keeping the sea on your left, walk past the car park and straight on along Deep Bay Road, where you can enjoy the open views of lush mangroves as well as Shenzhen on the opposite coast. Bring your binoculars and catch northern pintail, northern shoveler, Eurasian wigeon, black-headed gull, and Eurasian curlew in action, or gaze upon the extensive mudflats and flocks above at low tide.

Fung Lok Wai
Fung Lok Wai

Walk on and turn right after passing through Tsim Bei Tsui Police Post — you’re now at Border Fence Road, outside of which is the Frontier Closed Area and a Ramsar Site wetland. Continue on the concrete way, cross the bridge and walk 250 metres (about three minutes) before turning right at the second fork into Fung Lok Wai, where you will find vast grids of fish ponds, now a rare scene in Hong Kong. Here, you can observe the life of local fish farmers in serene natural surroundings, juxtaposed against the skyscrapers of Tin Shui Wai in the background.

End point — Shing Uk Tsuen

Once you exit the pond areas you reach Shing Uk Tsuen, Fuk Shun Street, where you can hop on a minibus.

Yuen Long District
Starting point:
Hong Kong Wetland Park
End point:
Shing Uk Tsuen
Average walking time:
About 1.5 hours (From Tsim Bei Tsui to Shing Uk Tsuen)
Walking Distance:
Approximately 5 km
Replenishing stations:
There is a café within the Hong Kong Wetland Park Visitor Centre. Have lunch before setting off.
There is nowhere to buy food and water from Tsim Bei Tsui to Shing Uk Tsuen, so stock up before setting off.
How to get there
To the starting point:
  • From MTR Tin Shui Wai Station, take LRT 705 to Tin Shau Station (via tunnel) or Wetland Park Station (via footbridge) to the Park.
    • After visiting the park, take a taxi to Tsim Bei Tsui.
    • From the end point:
      • At Shing Uk Tsuen (Fuk Shun Street), take minibus 74 to MTR Long Ping Station or Yuen Long town centre.
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