Plover Cove Country Park (Bride’s Pool to Lai Chi Wo)

Plover Cove Country Park (Bride’s Pool to Lai Chi Wo)

Plover Cove Country Park mapWith centuries-old Hakka villages with exotic names, colourful folk legends, waterfalls, bamboo groves and more, this part of the Plover Cove Country Park seems almost to be lost in time. Within easy reach of the city, this lush slice of nature and heritage will make you feel like you are a million miles away.

Starting Point — Bride’s Pool
Bride’s Pool

Begin your journey at Bride’s Pool Nature Trail. Follow the paved path that meanders over the stream until you come to the waterfall.

Folk legend has it that a bride was passing by here in a sedan chair on her way to meet her groom when one of her carriers slipped. The bride tumbled into the swelling river, where she was washed down the waterfall and drowned in her heavy, extravagant wedding clothing. The pool was hence named in memory of her tragic fate.

Wu Kau Tang Village
Wu Kau Tang Village

Continue on the serene path surrounded by bamboo groves, patterned cobwebs and a gently flowing creek. ‘Wu Kau Tang’ means ‘soaring black dragon’ in Chinese, a euphemism for the tortoises abundant in the area when Hakka villagers settled here during the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911).

Lai Sam Ancient Trail
Lai Sam Ancient Trail

Follow the footsteps of commuters between the villages of Wu Kau Tang and Sam A via Lai Tau Shek centuries ago. Enjoy the gorgeous views over Sam A Wan, an inlet of Double Haven, as you reach Lai Tau Shek.

Sam A Village
Sam A Village

‘Sam A’ means trident in Cantonese, referring to the trident-shaped headland in the inlet. This sleepy village sits against the backdrop of dark green hills that overlooks a picturesque glassy lake in front.

End Point — Lai Chi Wo
Lai Chi Wo

Follow the signs and hike for around 45 minutes to Lai Chi Wo, literally ‘lychee cove’ in Chinese. Climb the stairs at the village entrance to enjoy the scenery.

Lai Chi Wo is home to an exquisite Hakka village established 400 years ago, and a designated Site of Special Science Interest (SSSI). The feng shui woodland at the rear of the village is an ecological treasure box. Along Lai Chi Wo Nature Trail, you will encounter interesting coastal plants and small animals.

Trail photos provided by HK Discovery.

Tai Po District
Starting point:
Bride’s Pool
End point:
Lai Chi Wo
Average hiking time:
About 3 hours
Approximately 7.5 km
Mildly rugged natural trails in the first half and level path in the latter; no retreat point accessible by vehicle
How to get there
To the starting point:
Walk from MTR Tai Po Market Station Exit B to Tai Po Market Station Public Minibus Terminus. Take minibus 20R for around 40 minutes to Bride’s Pool Nature Trail on Bride’s Pool Road.
Or, from Tai Po Market Station Bus Terminus, take 275R to Bride’s Pool Bus Terminus on Sunday and public holidays.

From the end point:
A ferry service runs between Ma Liu Shui and Lai Chi Wo on Sunday and public holidays.
From Lai Chi Wo: 3:30pm
Enquiries: +852 2555 9269
(Best Sonic Industrial Limited)
The ferry takes about 90 minutes. Upon disembarking from Ma Liu Shui Pier, walk for about 15 minutes to MTR University Station, where you can connect to other parts of the city.

Alternative Return Route:
You can return from Lai Chi Wo via the same route or another way (about 2 hours; approx. 4.5 km — shown as dotted line on the map) to Wu Kai Tang Village, from which you can take minibus 20R to Tai Po Market, where other means of transport are available.
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