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Hong Kong New Year Countdown Celebrations

New Year.New World - Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations 2015

New Year.New World - Hong Kong Countdown Celebrations 2015

Every New Year's Eve, hundreds of thousands of spectators gather at Victoria Harbour to celebrate with a spectacular fireworks display. In 2014, revellers wished upon the ‘shooting stars’ as they counted down to midnight, when the city erupted into an eight-minute pyromusical that started on the waters of the harbour and moved landwards, with glittering rings and iridescent colours of the rainbow enveloping the skyscrapers around the iconic Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

That was how Hong Kong marked the start of 2015. And you can expect an equally spectacular start to 2016. So, get yourself to Asia’s world city next New Year’s Eve. Pick a spot, join the party and welcome a new year with all the breathless excitement and glamour of a Hong Kong celebration!

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31 December 2015
Victoria Harbour

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