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The Mad Monk and the Eight Immortals

Deep in the woods, there is a monk who is known for his eccentric ways: he refuses to follow traditional monastic codes, eats meat, indulges in drink and behaves badly. People call him ‘the Mad Monk’. Now when the Eight Immortals, known for their strict observance of good behaviour, hear of the Mad Monk’s ‘unacceptable’ ways, they decide to come and teach him a lesson. They meet, and a supernatural battle begins. In the course of the fight, the Eight Immortals discover that the Mad Monk not only has amazing supernatural powers, but is by nature sweet, amenable, and endears himself to the common folks. They offer to make peace, and all nine of them join together to play tunes to provide children of all ages in the audience with enjoyment and fun.

Event Details
Date: 29–30 July 2017
Time: 8pm, 29 July 2017;
3pm, 30 July 2017
Venue: Concert Hall, Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Category: Music
Admission: HK$100, $160, $260, $310
Ticketing: Tickets available at URBTIX (Tel: +852 3761 6661)
Buy Tickets Online: URBTIX (Urban Ticketing System)
Enquiry: +852 3185 1600
Organiser: Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra


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