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Celebration of the Lord Buddha's Birthday in Year 2561 of the Buddhist Calendar (2017)

The Hong Kong Buddhist Association will hold a large-scale blessing ceremony to celebrate the Buddha’s 2561st birthday with the public. There will be Buddha-bathing rituals and charity sales booths. The Buddhist Birthday Charity Concert on 4 May evening will be this year’s highlight, with performances by various Buddhist organisations and artists.

Event Highlights
The Buddhist Birthday Charity Concert: 4 May, 7-9:30pm
Event Details
Date: 3-5 May 2017
Time: Various times
Venue: Hong Kong Coliseum
Category: Festivals
Admission: Please visit the event website or call +852 2574 9371 for details
Ticketing: Please visit the event website or contact Hong Kong Buddhist Association at +852 2574 9371 for details.
Enquiry: +852 2574 9371
Organiser: Hong Kong Buddhist Association


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