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Ming and Qing Chinese Arts from the C. P. Lin Collection

This exhibition showcases 270 Ming and Qing Dynasty artworks made exclusively for the imperial court - exquisite porcelains, rare jades, intricately carved rhinoceros horns, ivories and bamboo objects d'art, iridescent painted enamels and glass. With a focus on historical Chinese artistic pursuits, visitors can experience the craftsmanship and aesthetics of a bygone world.

Event Details
Date: 25 April to 28 September 2014
Time: 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (Closed on Thursday);
10am to 7pm, Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
Venue: The Hong Kong Museum of Art
Category: Museums / Galleries / Public Display Area
Admission: Various prices
Ticketing: Ticket available at the venue
Enquiry: +852 2721 0116
Organiser: Hong Kong Museum of Art


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