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Eastern District Chinese Opera Festival

This festival gives you a window into the rich sights and sounds of Chinese opera as celebrated artists perform different genres, including Cantonese, Chiu Chow and Fujian. Apart from stage productions, the festival also presents forums and workshop for all those who are interested in Chinese opera.

Event Highlights
1. Eastern District Chinese Opera Festival Opening Ceremony cum Cantonese Opera Excerpt Performance (6 November 2013);
2. Guided & Interactive Cantonese Opera Excerpt Performance (6-8 January 2014);
3. Chiu Chow Opera Show (14-15 January 2014);
4. Cantonese Opera Show (13-19 February 2014);
5. Fujian Opera Show (3-6 March 2014);
6. Full-length Cantonese Opera Performance (17 March 2014)
Event Details
Date: 6 November 2013 to 17 March 2014
Time: Various times
Venue: Various venues
Category: Chinese Opera
Admission: Free admission (Ticket is required)
Ticketing: Please refer to event website for ticket registration details
Organiser: Eastern District Council


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