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Birthday of Che Kung

Birthday of Che Kung

Che Kung’s Birthday falls on the second day of the first lunar month. You can find the Western calendar date here.

No self-respecting gambler would ever leave luck to chance and, in Hong Kong, Che Kung is the deity of choice for securing a winning hand.

The former Song dynasty (960–1279) military commander has quite the catalogue of skills under his belt; he was famed for being able to suppress uprisings and plagues, and is also believed to have accompanied the last Song dynasty emperor to Sai Kung in what’s now the New Territories. He later became revered as a god.

And his luck persisted; in Sha Tin, local folklore says construction of a Che Kung Temple 300 years ago ended a plague that was devastating the area. By a wonderful stroke of coincidence, Sha Tin is also home to one of Hong Kong’s racecourses.

On his birthday, Che Kung temples are crowded with devotees hoping to catch him in a good mood. Around 100,000 people visit the Che Kung Temple in Tai Wai on this day, where they turn fan-bladed wheels and beat a drum to pray for good fortune in the coming year.

9 February 2016
7 Che Kung Temple Road, Tai Wai, New Territories
+852 2603 4049
How to get there

MTR Che Kung Temple Station Exit B, then follow the instructions to go along Che Kung Temple Road and walk about 10 minutes.


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