Pak Tai Temple

Pak Tai Temple

The Taoist God of the Sea also goes by the snappy title of the Supreme Emperor of the Northern Heaven or the Mysterious Heaven. Thankfully, when the people of Cheung Chau erected a temple honouring him 200 years ago, they went with his more common name – Pak Tai.

This cultural gem contains gold-plated woodcraft dating from the Qing Dynasty (1644–1911) and a Song Dynasty (960–1279) iron sword. The sculpted dragons adorning the roof are classic Chinese architectural features.

This temple is also the centre of festivities during the quirky and wildly popular Bun Festival, which falls on the eighth day of the fourth month in the lunar calendar.

End of Pak She Street, Cheung Chau, Outlying Islands
+852 2981 0663
How to get there
Take a left from Cheung Chau Ferry Pier, walk along San Hing Praya Street for about eight minutes, turn right to Kwok Man Road then left to Pak She Street and walk for about three minutes.
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