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In Hong Kong, you can hang your hat in modest guesthouses, youth hostels, palatial hotels, chic boutiques, and mid-range comfort – in the heart of the city or away from it all. With over 60,000 rooms in almost 200 hotels, you’re sure to find the perfect place for you (and your hat).

hotelOne of the joys of visiting Hong Kong is staying in one of the city’s hotels, which include historic and world-famous venues, major international chains, and local brands. Most hotels are concentrated on Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon. Many offer a commanding harbour vista (but you can expect to pay more for a room with a sea view). In recent years, there have been more hotels opening in the New Territories and Outlying Islands, some of which offer a resort-type experience.

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Hong Kong Hotels Association  Hong Kong Hotels Association
Visitors arriving at the airport without a hotel reservation can receive assistance at the Hotel Reservation Centres inside the Buffer Hall located after customs. The desks are open daily from 7am to midnight. The centres can arrange accommodation, at no extra charge at any hotel that is a member of the Hong Kong Hotels Association (HKHA). Transport to these hotels can also be arranged.


Hong Kong Hotels Association Hong Kong's guesthouses provide clean and comfortable budget accommodation, with air-conditioning and individual washrooms. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, please only stay at licensed guesthouses. Since 2009, under the Licensed Guesthouse Logo Scheme, all licensed guesthouses are required to display an official logo in a prominent place. You can check the full list of guesthouses licensed by the Office of the Licensing Authority under the Home Affairs Department here.


Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Visitor Accommodation Scheme
Quality Tourism Services (QTS) Visitor Accommodation Scheme

QTS SchemeThe QTS Scheme makes it easy for you to find budget accommodation that you can trust. Under the scheme administered by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, QTS Scheme-accredited visitor accommodation providers must pass stringent assessments each year to ensure that the highest possible service standards are maintained.

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Youth hostels
Youth hostelsHong Kong has accommodation for every budget, including clean and comfortable youth hostels. Price-conscious travellers can find a room courtesy of the Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association (HKYHA). Most are located in the New Territories near to scenic areas (one is on a mountain top!) or close to hiking trails and marine parks. Thanks to Hong Kong’s extensive public transport system, getting into town is no problem!

The YMCA, the YWCA, the Y-Loft and the HKYHA also offer accommodation that’s more akin to a 3-star hotel than a hostel. Book online to make sure you have a place for the night!


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