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Hong Kong-style Fast Food

Hong Kong-style Fast Food

In Hong Kong is a city in which speed and efficiency are expected and demanded. This fast pace has also infected the food scene, most notably in Hong Kong-style teahouses and local fast food chains, which can serve Chinese and localised Western dishes in under five minutes.

The former are also known as cha chan teng, a unique Hong Kong fusion of Chinese and Western diners. The latter refer to food-court style canteens, where you order at the entrance and collect your dish from a food counter. Although the food is fast, it is often just as high-quality as regular restaurant fare.

Cha chan teng can be found all over the city. For local-style fast food restaurants, the three biggest chains are Maxim’s, Café du Coral and Fairwood.

Where to order?

Café de Coral QTS

With over 150 branches citywide, Café de Coral has been Hong Kong’s leading fast-food chain for over 40 years. Baked Pork Chop with Rice is a Café de Coral signature dish.

Café de Coral

Fairwood QTS

Fairwood has been upgrading its brand image and food quality in recent years. Signature products include Ah Wood Curry Brisket with rice, Spaghetti Bolognaise and its 'No MSG' series.


Maxim’s MX QTS

Maxim’s Group has around 70 branches in Hong Kong. Maxim’s MX fast food restaurants are popular for their relaxing interiors, rice with barbecued meats.

Maxim’s MX


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