On the little island of Cheung Chau near Hong Kong a grandfather and his two grandchildren have been practicing religiously in order to keep two sets of martial arts (kung fu) alive. The future of the Piu Sik (Flying Colours) Parade on the tiny island hangs in the balance.

The people in this movie, who by the way come from Cheung Chau but are not related, are just as interesting as the characters they portray. Like the characters in the story, they share a common goal of wanting to participate in this year's Piu Sik (Floating Colours) Parade, one of the highlights of the Cheung Chau Bun Festival held on 28 Apr.


Tsang Ka-ming plays the grandfather and is a local Kung Fu Master who has been practicing this art for 43 years. He is an expert in the 'eagle claw fist' move. As well as being an accomplished lion dancer, he is Chairman of the Petrel Athletic Association (Cheung Chau). Every year, he leads the Piu Sik (Flying Colours) Parade depicted in this movie.


Apple Yeung (granddaughter). This smiling and gentle six year old attends upper kindergarten on Cheung Chau and has been participating in Piu Sik Parades for three years. This year, she is going to play a female Buddhist deity, Kwun Yum (Goddess of Mercy). If you are looking for her, try going to the pier on Cheung Chau. In the movie she appears on light tower near the typhoon shelter. But you won't find her there practising martial arts. Her first love is dancing, including Chinese dancing, ballet and latin.


Edwin Ho plays the grandson. In the movie, he says that his fingers are very powerful. But don't let that frighten you. If you see him on Cheung Chau, don't be afraid to walk up and shake hands. He is in Primary 2 at school and has been studying kung fu under Mr Tsang for three years. In this year's Piu Sik Parade, he will play the 'head' of the lion in the two-man lion dancing team.


Yung Chi-ming is a native of the island who was appointed Chairman of the Hong Kong Cheung Chau Bun Festival Committee in 2004. He has worked very hard in promoting the Festival and reintroducing the Bun Scrambling Competition. He introduces the Bun Festival and the history of the Piu Sik Parade in the movie.

For festival details, please visit the "Hong Kong Cultural Celebration" website