Spectacular Harbour Boat Parade Highlights Tin Hau Festival
To mark the birthday of Tin Hau, a flotilla of fishing boats sailed in procession through Victoria Harbour from Kowloon Bay to Hong Kong’s oldest Tin Hau Temple (built in 1266) in Joss House Bay, Sai Kung to offer thanks to the Patron Saint of Fishermen. The procession included 40 colourfully decorated fishing boats and an authentic Chinese junk, the Duk Ling in one of Hong Kong’s largest and most spectacular boat parades.


Celebrations in Joss House Bay, Sai Kung
In addition to the boat parade, tens of thousands of worshippers visit the Tin Hau Temple at Joss House Bay every year, where traditional rites are performed. It is said that nearly 50,000 worshippers come to burn joss sticks in this temple overlooking the picturesque Joss House Bay!

Celebrations in Leung Shuen Wan
Once every two years, there is a large scale celebration and boat parade at Leung Shuen Wan for the Tin Hau Festival. On the day before the festival, the statue of Tin Hau from a nearby temples will be put on a sacred boat, accompanied by a number of boats to parade through Leung Shuen Wan waters. Worshipping ceremonies take place on the sea before Tin Hau returns to the temple, followed by a vegetarian basin meal banquet. This is an important event and many indigenous villagers who have migrated overseas come back to attend.