Kowloon Discovery Outing
Kowloon literally means 'Nine Dragons' and refers to the hills that form the backdrop to this area sandwiched between the harbour and the New Territories. Here, contrasting images of traditional and 21st century Hong Kong live side by side. Visitors will find teeming streets and roads of commerce, luxurious hotels, cultural attractions, designer shops and street markets.
This trip begins at the Chi Nin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden. Chi Nin Nunnery is a beautiful monastery built using wood without a single nail! The serene compound is gracefully adorned with lotus ponds and bonsais. Nearby Nan Lian Garden is modelled on traditional Tang dynasty Chinese garden featuring a very unique landscape of bonsais and rock art.
Guests will also visit the Jade Market, a great place to buy inexpensive jade as souvenirs. Then proceed to Nathan Road, the main thoroughfare in Kowloon that goes in a north-south direction from Mong Kok to Tsim Sha Tsui. Guests will be amazed by the street scene's hustle and bustle. They'll then stroll along Park Lane Shopper's Boulevard, a landmark along Nathan Road and shop their way through 20 stores offering a dizzying array of products.
Duration: About 4 hours

Historic Hong Kong Outing
This vibrant, dynamic city was just a 'barren rock' housing a collection of fishing villages when claimed by Britain in 1842 following the First Opium War with China. A unique combination of over 150 years of colonial influence and 5,000 years of Chinese tradition, Hong Kong is a fantastic holiday experience that visitors will treasure forever!
Start this trip with a visit to Hong Kong Island's Nam Pak Hong, which is the heart of the territory's wholesale dried seafood and medicinal herbs trade established more than a hundred years ago. This area was the main Chinese settlement on the northern shore of Hong Kong Island after the British occupied the territory, or the original Chinatown.
Next, stop at Hollywood Road with a visit to the Man Mo Temple built before colonial times. Proceed to the antique and handicraft shops along Hollywood Road and in Cat Street Market.
Passengers will then go to the Central business district to visit Statue Square, from where they can see an impressive showcase of mirrored towers, multi-million dollar high-rises, designer shops and luxury hotels. This area used to be called City of Victoria and was the centre of the colonial government. Take a look at the former Supreme Court, now the Legislative Council Building, Cenotaph and Statue Square, where a bronze statue of Queen Victoria used to stand, now replaced by the statue of Sir Thomas Jackson, the Chief Manager of Hong Kong Bank.
Guests can take a memorable and scenic ferry ride across one of the most photographed harbours in the world on the legendary Star Ferry. The last stop is the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade for a magnificent view of the world famous Hong Kong skyline and to take a photo with the Clock Tower, a remnant of the former Kowloon Canton Railway Station built in early colonial period (now a Declared Monument).
Duration: About 5 hours
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