Renowned as the culinary capital of Asia, Hong Kong boasts more than 11,000 restaurants, many of them clustered in defined food districts. Apart from enjoying the best Cantonese and regional Chinese food, visitors can sample a full choice of authentic Asian cuisines and Western fare.

Hong Kong's cuisine is famous for its exotic fusion of Eastern and Western flavours along with a wide variety of local culinary delights. Its cultural blend, proximity to Mainland China and reputation for quality has made Hong Kong a Gourmet Paradise.
Food lovers can indulge their palates in an exquisite adventure in Asia's world city. From local snacks to gourmet dishes, Hong Kong has it all!
Hong Kong's many restaurants are clustered in defined food districts. With their unmatched ambiances and assortment of different cuisines, these food districts offer a unique dining experience.
What better way to discover the range of fantastic food on offer in the Culinary Capital of Asia than with our fantastic selection of food guides. Bon appétit!
Let the experts show you how to mix and match your wines with Chinese food.
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