Night Parade & Flaots Exhibits

Cathay Pacific Flies High with Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific has been the title sponsor of the International Chinese New Year Night Parade for 14 consecutive years. We are proud to continue our support for this great event by joining the celebrations to mark the arrival of the Year of the Dragon.

As Hong Kong’s home airline, Cathay Pacific is committed to strengthening the city’s position as a leading international aviation hub and helping to make it truly Asia’s world city.

This year’s Cathay Pacific float illustrates how much the airline has helped to promote Hong Kong to the world, carrying the city’s people and goods across the globe and bringing in millions of visitors each year. The float also highlights Cathay Pacific’s professional team who deliver world-class service in the air and on the ground.

Our pilots, cabin crew and ground staff will accompany the float along the parade route, and a group of performers will dress in different outfits to demonstrate how our airline supports a variety of major international events in Hong Kong.

China Happy & Healthy Tour 2012

China National Tourism Administration’s float is making its first appearance in the International Chinese New Year Night Parade.

The idea behind the design is about travelling in China with happiness and health in 2012. Through enriching travel experiences, our physical and mental well-being, as well as knowledge, will be greatly enhanced. Travel can also facilitate self-improvement and uphold and improve the image of travel in China. The float is simple and bright, full of Chinese elements revealing the traditional heritage and modern development of China. One of the highlights is the dragon image that stands for the Chinese race and this year’s Chinese zodiac sign.

Striving for a ‘Quality’ Kingdom
Prosperity with Watches and Jewellery

The establishment of a kingdom lays on the leaders’ vision, the collective efforts of its members, and the respect and support of its citizens – all of which are indispensable.

Established by the leading elites in watches and jewellery in 1947, The Federation of Hong Kong Watches and Industries (FHKWTI) is committed to opening up new horizons, similar to how one would capture the land of its opponent in a chess game. With determination and with everyone playing their part, all members of the Federation are dedicated to creating a brighter future for all its members.

As we begin the Chinese New Year festivities, the Federation is represented by the eight famous members at the renowned Chinese New Year Parade. It joins in celebrating future success and happiness with all Hong Kong citizens and wishes for a better Year of the Dragon to come.

Sunlit Hainan, A Vacation Paradise!

Being the unique tropical island province in China, Hainan enjoys incomparable tourist resources. With a collection of enchanting tropical beaches, mysterious tropical rainforests, diverse geothermic hot springs and various ethnic cultures, Hainan is a tapestry of harmony between Human and Nature.

With its national strategy in place, Hainan Island is marching towards its target of being one of the world’s leading first-class tourist vacation destinations.

Toy Story’s Playtime

‘Toy Story’s Playtime’ features lovable toys from the brand new ‘Toy Story Land’ at Hong Kong Disneyland. Viewers of the parade will find themselves shrunk to the size of toys, as everything is larger than life! Woody and Jessie will be spreading special dragon wishes with everyone along the parade route. Rex the not-so-scary tyrannosaurus always likes to be included in the fun; RC the racing toy car is revving up; and the Toy Soldiers are also ready for their mission to have fun. It’s playtime, for everybody!

The Hong Kong Jockey Club — "Pearl of Wisdom"

Chinese dragons are often depicted guarding a pearl, a symbol of good fortune. On the HKJC's float, this becomes a giant ’pearl of wisdom‘, displaying auspicious messages at the beginning of the Chinese New Year. Led by a golden racehorse, it symbolises the Club's role in creating prosperity for Hong Kong by providing world-class racing and entertainment as well as transforming gaming demand into huge tax revenues, charitable donations and job opportunities.

Performing groups include the Club-supported community projects SkyHigh creative partners and Arts with the Disabled. They illustrate the Club's long-standing commitment to the young and the needy, its care for all walks of life and the strength and vitality it brings Hong Kong as it enters the Year of the Dragon.

Hong Kong — Asia’s World City

The Hong Kong Tourism Board wishes everyone luck and prosperity during the Year of the Dragon with its radiant float entitled Hong Kong – Asia’s World City which includes eight colourfully dressed dragons with five smaller dragons in tow. With the parade’s theme of ‘World City. World Party’, the energetic dragons are dressed in party costumes to underline the city’s vibrant east-meets-west ambiance and cosmopolitan nature. The dragons also serve to tell visitors of the year-round happenings they can enjoy in Asia’s world city. May you all enjoy a prosperous Year of the Dragon. Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Touching Moments Experience Macau

The Macau Government Tourist Office employs ‘Touching Moments Experience Macau’ as the theme of the float. The float is decorated with lotus flowers which open up to reveal gifts inside which are sure to surprise the audience. The flowers contain Macau’s famous buildings including Macau World Heritage Ruins of St. Paul’s, A Ma Temple, Guia Lighthouse, etc. Together with the dazzling fireworks and dynamic model of a racing track and racing car, the design highlights Macau’s blended culture of the East and the West as well as its diversity that combines traditional and contemporary features. The audience can feel the surprising, fascinating, enchanting and tasteful moments of Macau. The float is surrounded by scrolls of lightboxes which celebrate the Chinese New Year. They also exhibit the diversity and vibrancy of Macau.

Ocean Park Celebrates 35 Years of Excitement

Ocean Park is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2012!  Our dynamic float will showcase all the new fun and excitement that is offered today, including Aqua City and the fish of the Grand Aquarium, the adrenalin rush of new rides at Thrill Mountain and life with the animals of the Amazon in the RainForest.  The float also highlights the new animals joining the park in the near future, such as golden monkeys, and the penguins from our Polar Adventure.  A troupe of performers will also join the parade and help bring in the new Year of the Dragon.

Flying Dragon Leaps to Prosperity

Eleven quality merchants – Byford, Catalo Natural Health Foods, Eu Yan Sang (Hong Kong) Ltd, Heng Yue Yen Long Kwon Association Limited, North Garden Restaurant, Pak Shing Tong, Sa Sa Cosmetic, Tai Hing Roast Restaurant, Tom Lee Music, Tsui Wah Restaurant and Wai Yuen Tong (Retail) Limited– welcome the Year of the Dragon with a glittering float. The dynamic and dazzling dragon on the float, symbolises Hong Kong’s high quality and diversified retailers, restaurants and other service providers who continue to grow.

A collection of selected products and delicacies showcase a stunning array of shopping, dining and entertainment privileges offered in Hong Kong to our visitors. The vivid dragon boy mascot with the dragon ball on the float leads the Quality Tourism Services Scheme accredited merchants spreading blessings and happiness in Hong Kong.

Twinkle Shopping Trip with YOU

SOGO Hong Kong Co Ltd is one of the largest Japanese-style department stores in the city and it’s a shopping landmark for locals and tourists alike. This year, SOGO will be joining the world-famous International Chinese New Year Night Parade for the first time. We strove for perfection in the design of the float, with its theme of SOGO’s one-stop shopping. Unique lighting effects, different product combinations in 3D have helped create a shining and brightly coloured float. Don’t miss the chance to meet SOGO’s mascot ‘SOSO’ and our friendly customer service officers, who will greet you in person!

Chinese & Thai Celebrate the Joyful Golden Dragons Together

In December 2011, the King of Thailand celebrated his 84th birthday and now in 2012, we welcome the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac. The dragon symbolizes prestige, fortune and protection for Chinese and Thai people. The concept of our float is to bring to everyone a combination of Chinese and Thai golden dragons. We wish Hong Kong people, a safe, fruitful and prosperous Year of the Dragon.

By participating in the parade, we are also giving thanks for all the support from our partners including Thailand Tourism Best Partners Wincastle Travel, Westminster Travel, Bao Shinn International, Travel Expert, EGL Tours, Golf Holidays, Rising Offset Printing Co Ltd and Hong Thai Travel. Wishing you luck and prosperity!