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The delicate and juicy soup dumpling aka xiaolongbao is the number one food lovers' choice while in Taiwan. This one-bite wonder embodies a flavourful pork filling with plenty of broth. If you're intrigued to learn, stop by Michelin Starred restaurant Din Tai Fung to taste their legendary 18-pleat soup dumplings and take a local cooking class to master this special craft.
If there is one type of food that is representative of Hong Kong, dim sum is it. Hong Kong is probably the only place in the world where you can enjoy a Michelin-starred dim sum lunch for under C$10. With so many dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong, and over 150 varieties to choose from, it's not difficult to give this iconic staple a try. Make sure you check this off your bucket list of things to eat in Hong Kong.
As the landmark of Taipei city, the extraordinary 101-floor building is remarkable with its record-breaking height. It is an architectural gem where you can soak in the city view from the 89th floor; the elevator ride from the ground floor up will only take 37 seconds that will give you a rush. During evening hours, there is also a special light display of different colours in the spectrum representing each day of the week.
The city's dazzling skyline is best enjoyed from the highest vantage point on Hong Kong Island - The Peak. Jump on the historic Peak Tram, enjoy an incredible journey of skyscrapers passing by till you arrive at the top, and take in the stunning city view of Hong Kong from a bird's-eye view.
Explore the charming old town with narrow alleyways filled with food shacks that serve up all the country snacks of Jiufen for an authentic taste. Sip on Taiwan's world-renowned tea at the Amei Tea House - the very inspiration of the animation "Spirited Away" - and indulge in the breathtaking and poetic mountainous view.
The Star Ferry crossing is rated as one of the 50 "places of a lifetime" by National Geographic. Hop onboard the 9-minute iconic ferry ride across Victoria Harbour for an up-close look at one of the world's most photographed harbour.
Visit a night market to satisfy all your cravings - shopping, eating and entertainment and more! Raohe Street Night Market is one of the largest in scale where you can shop for clothing and local crafts; the countless varieties of street food from dumplings, seafood to dessert will take you days to taste them all plus scheduled cultural performances for your enjoyment!
A place filled with Hong Kong nostalgia, it is a street bazaar that is opened nightly, where you can be entertained by Cantonese opera singers, taste local favourites, such as clay pot rice, served fresh at street stalls, have your fortune told by fortune tellers, and browse through the abundance of antiques and jade.
It is a cultural hub with almost 700,000 pieces of precious ancient Chinese imperial artifacts and artwork. The magnificent National Palace Museum offers a glimpse of the historic Chinese empire and palace for history and art lovers to explore. If you are a big fan of Chinese calligraphy, the Chang Dai-Ch'ien Residence is sure not to be missed!
The majestic Big Buddha - also known as the Tian Tan Buddha - sits graciously at 34 metres high in the lush mountains of Lantau Island. Climb up 268 steps and enjoy a moment of serenity looking out to the sweeping ocean and mountain view right at the base of the humble yet massive statue. You may even enjoy a vegetarian meal cooked by monks at the Po Lin Monastery, one of the most important Buddhist sanctums, located just opposite the Big Buddha.
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