Cultural Celebrations & Round-Island Cycling
One of the most anticipated events of the year is the Taiwan Lantern Festival, where an impressive 23-meter tall themed lantern reflecting the Chinese zodiac sign is produced and displayed along with numerous other colorful custom made ones showcasing cultural celebrations. Lose yourself in a sea of giant lanterns, be blown away by the brilliant firework shows, and soak up a bit of history through a variety of unique cultural performances.
Embark on a gastronomic journey and discover Hong Kong’s flourishing wine scene in this month-long celebration of food and drink. Sip on some of the world’s finest wines and savour special tasting menus by master chefs while you explore the world-class wine and spirit expo, gourmet carnivals, and local gastronomy tours at The Great November Feast.
Taiwan boasts a range of trails and world-class cycling facilities throughout the island, making it the perfect way to explore the area’s natural beauty. To celebrate Taiwan’s ecotourism, a cycling festival is held each year. Bicycle enthusiasts from around the world unite to conquer Taiwan’s trails all while taking in the stunning scenery en route. Whether you’re interested in more leisurely rides or you’re ready for a demanding challenge, the Cycling Festival has a wide range of events to suit you.
Consider yourself lucky if you’re in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year: one of the city’s largest and most colorful festivals. Get caught up in the energy and excitement throughout this 15-day celebration where you can pray for good fortune in bustling temples, explore the markets selling auspicious food and flowers, and surround yourself with the bright red lanterns that adorn the city. The festive energy of Hong Kong is amplified with other events such as the spectacular night parade, international and local performers, and culminates with one of the most jaw-dropping fireworks displays you’ll ever see.
Jump into the season of summer with the launch of Taiwan’s new Summer Festival. Officially launching on June 14th, this exciting new festival will feature a series of activities covering five major themes: sports, food, summer solstice 235, sand sculptures, and railroad travels. Cool yourself off during the festival with one of the seven best known local ice treats that will be introduced and featured by celebrities.
The otherwise sleepy Cheung Chau island comes to life during the annual Bun Festival. The islanders busily prepare papier-mâché effigies of deities, make intricate costumes, bake thousands of buns, and build a giant bamboo tower. You’ll be captivated by the Piu Sik (floating colors) Parade where children dressed in guises of traditional deities “float” above the crowd on nothing but a pole. As night falls, cheer on the competitors as they race up the bamboo tower covered in buns, collecting the lucky ones for points, during the revelled Bun Scrambling Competition.
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