Cultural Celebrations & Round-Island Cycling
Every year, a 23-meter tall themed lantern reflecting the Chinese zodiac sign is produced and displayed during the Taiwan Lantern Festival along with numerous other custom made ones showcasing cultural celebrations. In recent years, high technology has become a focal element of these astonishing art pieces. Walk among the sea of giant lanterns, enjoy the fireworks and cultural performances!
Get hungry and dive into the gastronomic journey and flourishing wine scene in Hong Kong during the month-long Great November Feast. Sip on the world’s finest wines and relish special tasting menus by master chefs while you explore the world-class wine & spirit expos and local gourmet carnivals!
Eco-tourism is essential in Taiwan; with world-class cycling facilities and trails throughout Taiwan, biking is the greenest way to explore the island’s natural beauty. The annual cycling festival has a wide range of events suitable for different level bikers from leisure riding around Sun Moon Lake, round-island biking to professional level challenges at the Taroko Gorge. It’s time to get on the two-wheels!
If you ever visit Hong Kong during Chinese New Year, be ready for a 15-day of celebration! You will start by shopping at the colourful and festive “Flower Markets” for all the essentials up till New Year’s Eve. Get on the streets for the night parade on the 1st, immerse in the firework extravaganza on the 2nd, and join in the exciting horseracing fun on the 3rd at Hong Kong’s world-class racing track!
A festival dedicated to pairing the hot spring experience to local and seasonal fine cuisine, this is a treat to your whole well-being for the mind, body and tummy! Taiwan is gifted with the nature's bounty of all types of hot springs and the rare cold springs and mud springs. Soak up the thermal pleasure of the 17 hot springs throughout Taiwan and gourmet cuisine!
Head over to Cheung Chau in May for the eye-opening Bun Festival! You will be fascinated by the Piu Sik (floating colours) parade where children are dressed in guises of traditional deities “floating” above the crowd; cheer for the fierce “bun climbers” while they race to the top of a huge baked bun tower! Check out the Birthday of Tin Hau, Tam Kung and Lord Buddha which are all happening around the same time!
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