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Eight things we love about ... Gough Street

Time Out By Time Out Hong Kong (15 February 2012)
Eight things we love about... Gough Street

Just steps away from Central, Gough Street is a very quaint and up-and-coming shopping area that is packed with trendy stores and great eats! Take our recommendation and go for a stroll yourself.

This Soho street (most famous for Kau Kee's beef brisket) has become a trendy destination

1. Sidewalk

The lifestyle select shop sells candles, cushions, jewellery and beach wraps for stylish home-keepers. There is also a café which exhibits art pieces on its wall that are for sale.

Address: 4-6 Gough St, Central
Phone: +852 2850 7121

2. Agnès b Café Le Pain Grille and Fleuriste

2. Agnès b Café Le Pain Grille and FleuristeThe florist flies in exclusive species from Africa and unique bouquets are going for HK$780 or more. While you wait for your purchase, try their cake slices from HK$18, quiche from HK$48 and teas and coffees from HK$18.

Address: 8-9 Gough St, Central
Phone: +852 2563 9393
Website: and

3. Café Maison

A pastry chef who was trained in Japan whips up tasty baked goods here on site. Chocolate lemon rolls are HK$38 each, a portion of homemade toast with dip costs HK$30, and Japanese tarts and cheesecakes are also available. Check out the range of 'Save the World' cartoon T-shirts (HK$220 each) designed by one of the café owners. The venue can be hired for events from HK$2,000 for three hours during the day and from HK$3,000 at night.

Address: 8-10 Gough St, Central
Phone: +852 2581 3663

4. Opera Opera

4 Opera OperaRenowned Florence boutique Ceri Vintage has flexed its vocal cords by opening its first Asian branch, Opera Opera. Owner Danilo Ceri has a penchant for classic military uniforms, rustic looks and Chanel bags. Think distressed menswear and hand-stitched upcycled tops (most items retail from HK$2,000).

Address: 14 Gough St, Central
Phone: +852 2851 1601

5. Kau Kee Beef Brisket

This former dai pai dong has been serving their simple but satisfying beef brisket recipes for more than 80 years. The clear beef brisket soup is the restaurant's staple and other popular dishes are worth trying as well, such as the curry beef brisket and the lo miens. However, don't expect a comfortable dining environment as the place is quite cramped and no matter when you choose to go the place will still be packed with adoring fans and curious tourists alike. The restaurant's merit remains with their relatively cheap (around HK$30 per bowl) and super tasty noodles.

Address: 31 Gough St, Central

6. Kisses Cupcakes and Ms B's Cakery

6 Kisses Cupcakes and Ms B's CakeryHere are two sweet places to visit. Kisses sells indulgent cupcakes (HK$25 each) with addictively tasty icing. Flavours include mocha, marshmallow, lychee and more. Glasses of wine and champagne are also available (from HK$50). Ms B sells delicious cake art. Enough said!

Kisses Cupcakes
Address: 24 Gough St, Central
Phone: +852 2489 9899
Ms B's Cakery
Address: 39 Gough St, Central
Phone: +852 2815 8303

7. The Collectives

This fashion distributor for cutting edge young designers from Europe and Asia displays apparel, millinery and accessories samples. Some of the items can be purchased. Designers represented include Christophe Coppens millinery, Vickteerut and Milin collections.

Address: 45 Gough St, Central
Phone: +852 2543 2808

8. Kim Lai Fine Jewellery

Our Made in Hong Kong star (see Issue 97) sells authentic jewellery designs that boast labour-intensive craftsmanship. A diamond geezer!

Address: 49-51 Gough St, Central
Phone: +852 2545 6388

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